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A company that for over 50 years has been present in the upholstered furniture sector, always careful to satisfy its customers by offering the highest quality and experience. All the articles of our collection are entirely handmade according to high artisan procedures acquired over time. Our company pays particular attention to the study and creation of new classic and contemporary shapes, to the meticulous attention to assembly and finishing details, to the choice of fabrics, leather and trimmings.

Luxury classics

The materials and components used in the production of Ravasi products are of the highest quality and checked at every stage of processing. Ravasi identifies innovative technologies with the craftsmanship of the craftsman to ensure durability over time with the aim of knowing how to update a more personalized collection with the possibility of choices.

The Ravasi collections...

...are the maximum expression of Made in Italy, they enhance all the passion and care, craftsmanship of a style that can be traced back to the history of high-level Italian furniture.

Our Story

1960 ... Pietro Ravasi Founder of Ravasi Salotti...

As architects, within our workshop, we protect ancient cultural traditions, fantasy, taste and intelligence, together with our products, we give the unconscious pleasure that it provides to look at the beauty created by men.

In this anonymous and consumerist era, entering the upholsterer's shop is a surprise, it is like immersing yourself in the time of memory, out of time... Claudia and Fabrizio Ravasi inherited the passion and love that has always characterized the beloved dad Pietro...



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